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    Ashley Gaines is a Nashville recording artist and songwriter with a unique sultry sound, born and raised in beautiful Southern Maryland. This multi-talented young lady is a natural born entertainer and performer. Music is in her soul.  

    Dancing since the age of three, she relied solely on many styles of dance as her creative expression and outlet throughout her years in school. Little did she know then, but her numerous dance accolades and performances just paved the way for her journey into the music industry. Her gift of singing was recognized during her college years when she and a good friend created a singing video and posted it to social media to share with family and friends. After endless amounts of positive feedback, her hometown dance teacher connected her with a dear friend who is a talent agent. And just like that, her singing/songwriting career ignited while attending college. She has written many original songs that inspire and touch those who hear them. She has performed both originals and covers in her hometown, Texas and Nashville. In May of 2018, Ashley graduated Cum Laude from High Point University in North Carolina earning a Bachelors of Arts in Communications with an emphasis in Event Management and a minor in Graphic Design. This combination only enhances her natural gift of performing and her passion for giving back to the world.

    Since her career ignited as an up and coming artist, she has released her first country EP album "These Moments" which was recorded and produced in Nashville. In September of 2017, she opened for the Grammy Nominated "Eli Young Band."  In May of 2020, Ashley released her latest single, "It's Okay." This song captures many of the similar emotions listeners are facing, as they battle the state of a world-wide pandemic. Ashley has been on singer/songwriter rounds at The Commodore and Douglas Corner in Nashville, and has been blessed to work with and be mentored by notables such as Linda Davis, Jane Bach and Renee Grant-Williams. Her career is continuing to blossom as she begins to record and produce her second album.

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